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Cosmic Vibrations from the Fred Perry Artist Lounge session at CMJ

The closest thing to a studio version of Cosmic Vibrations came together last October during CMJ, when Foxygen recorded two tracks (“In The Darkness” being the other) at what sounded like an entertaining recording session (eight different bands recording in sequential 1-hour blocks). MP3 versions can be downloaded with an email signup at the link above:

I do prefer the organ solo in the breakdown at the end, like in the 3voor12 session. But in terms of sound quality and vocals, this is the best version yet.

Take The Kids Off Broadway

  1. Abandon My Toys – 6:05
  2. Make It Known – 4:51
  3. Take the Kids Off Broadway – 3:14
  4. Waitin’ 4 U – 4:07
  5. Teenage Alien Blues – 10:05
  6. Why Did I Get Married? – 4:03
  7. Middle School Dance (Song for Richard Swift) –  3:59

This is the Jagjaguwar release.

  • Recorded in Astoria, Queens on Tape and Computer
  • Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, & 7 mixed by Richard Swift at National Freedom
  • Tracks 1 & 4 Mixed by Sam & Rado at Foxy HQ
  • Mastered by TW Walsh
  • Art by Onasis
  • Justin Nijssen – Bass on track 5, vocals on track 4
  • Jaclyn Cohen – Vocals

No Destruction b/w We Are The 21st Century… 7″

So it appears that the boys released a 7″ at some point in 2011 (at least, that’s how they describe it on their SoundCloud account) with what sound like early demos of No Destruction and We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic:

Notes from the Soundcloud set:

Recorded on Yamaha 8-track in Westlake Village, CA.
All songs played/sung by Sam France/Jonathan Rado
additional vox by Jaclyn Cohen/Luke Suzumoto
cover art by Allyson Pierce