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This site has been developed with the goal of making it easier to track down Foxygen content of various types. To that end, all posts are indexed using a variety of factors to make it easy to sort and drill down to specific pieces of information.

Every post is tagged with the songs and releases referenced in the post itself. For examples, when it comes to a song this could be because it’s a video of a song performance, or it may be because the post is of an interview where a song is mentioned.

Posts are then separated into three main types: news, media, and official releases. News includes interviews, profiles and reviews; media includes video, audio, and (maybe one day) photos of the band performing; and official releases is for…wait for it…official releases.

For broad searches, select either a Category, Song, or Release in the sidebar to see all available hits. To narrow the search, select a combination using the Power Search at the top. For example, if you want to see all clips of Foxygen playing “Shuggie”, select “Media” under category and “Shuggie” under songs. If you’d like to read interviews where the “Take The Kids Off Broadway” EP is mentioned, select “News” as the category and “Take The Kids Off Broadway” as the release.

I should note that I’m still working out the kinks of the various WordPress taxonomy and custom post type plugins in use on this site, so it’s definitely a bit buggy (especially the content drill down). So definitely feel free to send bugs and general feedback about searching for content on this site to foxygenindex(at)gmail(dot)com.

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