The Believer interview

Nice interview with the Believer that was conducted at Solid Sound — a few excerpts:

BLVR: What’s the writing process like?

SF: Well, we live in separate places, so we both have ideas that float around in our head for however long we’re apart, and when we get together we have an excess of ideas, so it’s pretty easy to combine them to make music.


BLVR: There’s a carefree humor to your music. Do you try not to take yourselves too seriously, or on some level, do you still strive for a sense of artistic perfection?

SF: I don’t think that we take it too seriously.

JR: We didn’t practice once for the show today.

BLVR: Do you ever practice?

SF: Nope, not really. It’s more exciting when we don’t know what’s going on.

JR: We talk about practicing a lot.

BLVR: Sam, I saw in an interview with Pitchfork that you try to impersonate David Byrne when you sing, and Foxygen’s music is very much focused on sounding like it is from the sixties and seventies.

SF: I am a little bit over the sixties stuff. I love it, but we’re definitely going to make way different, darker music from now on.


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