Rado Talks Band Dynamics, Upcoming Album

Rado gave an interesting interview to Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express before a recent show, and among other things he talked about the different things he and Sam bring to the band musically:

“Sam brings what I don’t have and I have what Sam doesn’t have,” explains Rado. “I’m a really technically good musician and Sam is like a genius as songwriter and lyricist. We bring those things to each other’s music.”

He also talked a bit about their next album:

The pair have been on a relentless touring schedule but recently they took time to start writing their next album. Rado says they’ve recorded a few songs and it seems promising so far—promising enough that they may have enough material for a double album.

“It’s going to be a little darker,” says Rado. “I think 21st Century is kind of an optimistic record and this one is going to be a little more pessimistic. It’s going to be longer and probably more sparse. I can’t really say yet; it’s still developing. It’s going to be different for sure. I don’t know if all the people that liked our last one will like our next one.”


One thought on “Rado Talks Band Dynamics, Upcoming Album

  1. TerrapinJess

    This makes me happy. Different is good. If its riding on the rims of Ghettoplastikk or Kill Art or even “darkness” in terms of Save The Hawk, you’ve got a friend.


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