Rado shares details of upcoming album: “Foxygen & Star Power”

Rado opened up to MTV Hive with some details on Foxygen’s next album:

But, soon, the focus should shift back to their music because the group is already working on the followup to We Are…, which carries the relatively concise title Foxygen & Star Power. (Star Power shares its name with the now-withdrawn solo album that France posted online last year, Fey cited in her tumblr post.) “We wrote it over the last 10 months,” Rado recently told Hive. “There’s like 50 or 60 songs right now. It’s kind of all over the place. There’s some stuff that sounds like Nick Drake, Fleetwood Mac — there’s a song that sounds like R.E.M.. It’s going to be wacky. We’re playing a few new ones. We’re playing a song called “Brooklyn Police Station” and a song called “Cosmic Vibrations.”

Rado also talked about a potential release date (not imminent), along with his upcoming solo album:

For now, the group don’t have a release date in mind. “It’s not even recorded yet. It might be a while. There’s a lot of songs.” But in the meantime, Rado’s solo debut Law and Order is due out September 3 on Woodsist and, the songwriter says, it offers a similarly ranging sound. “It’s pretty lo-fi. I made it in my bedroom. It’s a varied record.Every song sounds completely different: there’s an ‘80s song, there’s some gritty lo-fi stuff, there’s a Tom Petty-sounding song, there’s other weird crap on it.”


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