Rado on the Downsides to Foxygen’s Breakout Year

Good interview with Jonathan Rado by Paste Magazine. The interview largely concerns his solo effort, but he also opens up about the toll their breakout year had on Foxygen:

“Things are still kind of tough in Foxygen just because it’s sort of hard being in a band with someone you’ve known for so long, your best friend in the whole world,” Rado says. “It’s like a classic story, you know? But we’re working on the next record, and it’s gonna be pretty good I think. I’m pretty excited about it. But I mean definitely not going to Europe for that month that we canceled was for the best. But obviously the things that are hard are still gonna be hard. Touring like, at all. You know, we’re not really good at touring.”

“Because when we got signed to a record label, we’d played like 10 live shows,” he continues. “We were in high school. And all of a sudden we were expected to be a touring band and do this professionally, and that was pretty hard to throw that on young kids, like ‘All right, hey, you know how you thought you’d have a life that was completely different than this? Here you go. Here’s this right here.’ You know, ‘Oh, you have a girlfriend? Oh, you’re not gonna see her. You’re gonna go on tour for a year.’ And that’s sort of a rough thing for a band that really isn’t so into it and wanting to tour for a year. And it’s not that we don’t like playing shows or regret any success that’s happened, but it is a toll on your personal life to tour, and it was a shock to us because we had never done that before and never expected to do that. There’s no learning how to do it; we just had to do it. And we discovered very fast that we really didn’t like it.”


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