Rado Chats About Backstage Life At Coachella

Sonya Singh and Puneet Singh at Los Angeles Magazine interviewed Jonathan Rado about the band’s Coachella experience. He described the backstage scene and also talked a bit about their evolving sound (with implications for their next album):

What sorts of shenanigans ensue back there?
I don’t know; it’s crazy. They put you in these little trailers. There’s a whole artist playpen. We were next to MGMT, and that was really cool talking to them for a little bit. P. Diddy had the trailer right across from us. He was just chilling in the doorway in his underwear, which was awesome. I guess he’s Puff Daddy now. I missed so much. BeyoncĂ© was there, but I didn’t see her. It’s a very strange environment because you’re walking around this little world where it’s just a bunch of your peers.

You guys have an older, psychedelic sound. Who are your influences?
I think our last album was a very ’60s record. It was inspired by the Kinks, the Stones, and stuff like that. Lately, we’ve been leaning toward ’70s easy listening and Stooges punk. So it’s somewhere between ’70s easy listening and Throbbing Gristle.

Click here to read the full interview.

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