The Portable-Infinite Foxygen interview

This interview is from 2011, and includes some of the most extensive discussion of their earlier recordings that I’ve seen:

 AL: When you played shows back when you were in High School, did you have a driver’s license, or did your parents have to drive you to shows?

Sam: Yeah. We played at the Whisky a-go-go a few times. Most of our shows were at school. It would be some class show where we would fuck around on melodica and guitar. Our early influences were Brian Jonestown Massacre. We watched Dig The Movie every day. We were into the fact that Anton “played everything.” We wanted to play everything. So I went on Ebay and bought every strange instrument. I would buy an accordian or a xylophone. We would bring them to shows and we couldn’t really play any of them. But it worked for some reason. We tried to get a sitar for a long time.

AL: What was it like playing the Whisky nowadays?

Sam: It’s like a pay-to-play place. They were interesting shows. We had a guy playing a triangle and another playing the trombone. We thought it was funny. The Whisky sucks, but the people there were probably happy that we weren’t another screamo band. The people who worked there were very positive. After you finish they throw your gear on the street. They charge you a hundred dollars and make you sell a bunch of tickets in advance.

AL: When did you get serious about the band?

Rado: The intention was always that we were going to be huge. It was always a bedroom project. We were always hoping to share our music with the people in a big way, but we never went through with that.

Sam: I don’t think the intention of the band was ever to be huge. I guess that is possible. The band was basically me and Rado writing all these songs during high school. Some of the songs had strange lyrics and weird sounds. We did some rapping. We went away to college and came back together in the summer of 2009, and did an album called Kill Art. This was basically us going through all our recordings and keeping the best parts. This record was really popular among our friends and other people who heard it. When we did Kill Art, we discovered we can actually write songs. So Foxygen probably really began around then.

AL: How many albums did you do?

Rado: There are “Electric Sun Machine,” then “Cat Food, Dog Food, Motor Oil,” and “The Jurrassic Exxplosion Phillipic,” and “Ghettoplastikk” “Kill Art,” and “Take The Kids Off Broadway,” and the new one. Plus there is us live at the Whisky.

So who’s got a copy of that show they recorded live at the Whisky?

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