LA Weekly Interview

Great interview of Sam by LA Weekly, as he takes on the narrative of the band’s 2013 head on:

Sam France doesn’t want to talk about any “rebound record.”

“It’s not a rebound. Stuff was never that bad.”

France doesn’t sound particularly hostile, or even mildly annoyed. If anything, he sounds like a teenager explaining to the teacher why his homework isn’t done.

“We both were young, certainly,” he admits. “But people were writing things about us for their own motives.”


“It definitely wasn’t as dramatic as people said,” points out France. “We were never, y’know, fighting, we were never gonna break up. We missed some shows but it’s not because of like… band drama. Plus I got injured. I broke my leg last year. So.”

The broken leg came at the worst possible time — during the first song of the first show of a tour meant to placate fans after the band had canceled a bigger chunk of dates for the far sketchier reason of “creative health.” Rumors began popping up of discord between France and the more sedate Rado, of blow-ups with fans, of a possible break-up.

All the while the duo was also feverishly listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk while churning out material for what would become the band’s latest effort, …And Star Power.


France says he wanted to “write really vague songs” that sounded “like general soap operas.”

“I just wanted the words to sound cheesy because of the ’70s rock,” he laughs, before admitting that he thinks he “subconsciously” writes about himself.

Read the full interview.

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