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Foxygen was interviewed by John Norris for Interview in the March issue — there’s also a video that includes the full interview (with a lot of good discussion on how they write songs together):

And some excerpts — the first on their next release and giant back catalog

NORRIS: And you’re already playing some songs live that will be on that [next] record. You seem to write really far ahead.

FRANCE: Yeah, we have like a hundred songs.

RADO: A hundred songs for our next album.

NORRIS: Sounds like a double album.

RADO: [laughs] It’s gonna be a double album, if not a triple.

And maybe we’ll finally get to hear some of their earlier recordings?

NORRIS: So is there any way people can hear any of [the older albums] online?

FRANCE: We’ll put it up soon.

RADO: We’re trying to find a way.

FRANCE: Maybe just put it on MediaFire and just be like “Here you are…”

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