Foxygen’s Top Five Candy Picks

This is a new one — Andrew Bourque at The Boston Globe got the band to walk through their five favorites candies while touring. You’ll notice a bit of a theme:

1. Sour Patch Kids: Known as SPKs on the bus. They fuel us.

2. Sour Straws: Like an SPK but you can drink Coca-Cola from them, fueling the sugar-charged set.

3. Sour Worms: Like SPKs, only worms. Sustaining the high.

4. Haribo Sour Fizzy Coke
A big favorite of Rado’s. Like SPKs mixed with Coca-Cola. Gets us jacked.

5. Sour Warheads: Like the opposite of an SPK as far as chewiness is concerned. Inspires showtime explosiveness.

Read the full article here.

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