Foxygen To Participate in September 27 “Cassette Store Day.” Does That Mean An Early Release For “…And Star Power”?

September 27th marks the second annual Cassette Store Day, and Foxygen is listed on their website as participating this year. What’s interesting is that they are listed with “…And Star Power” as their album, but September 27th is a few weeks ahead of the official October 14 release date for the album (though it should be noted that pre-orderers will receive their digital download code for the album on September 30th, so if you get an early jump by buying the cassette it will only be for a few days).

A full list of participating retailers can be found on the Cassette Store Day website, though you may want to check in ahead of time to see if they’ll have the Foxygen album in stock as there are quite a few participating albums.


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