Foxygen Talk About Working With Richard Swift

Good interview from Palm Springs Life that was done at Coachella, and dives into what it was like working with Richard Swift and what they learned from him:

Who has influenced your sound?
Sam France: “Our music is Andy Warhol style. He took a thing that was already something and called it art. It’s kind of what we do with our music. We take different art and then put them in a different frame.”

What was it like working with Richard Swift?
Jonathan Rado: “It was great. We learned how to work quickly and efficiently. Not that we retained any of that since [this] record took 3-4 months to make, but we made the last one in eight days, which was kind of strenuous, but really fun. It causes you to push your brain to make immediate decisions instead of mulling over something. He also is a guru and we learned a lot of things about life.”

Did Richard Swift change or influence the way you think of your music?
Jonathan Rado: “We definitely think of music differently after hearing Richard Swift’s music, but we went in with our songs and what came out was sort of what we envisioned.”
Sam France: “We wrote the songs as a nod to Richard Swift knowing we were going to go in and work with him. We thought of it as collaboration.”
Jonathan Rado: “I don’t know if he changed our sound though. It was a good representation of what we thought it was. We are constantly changing our sound [however], so who knows? That record is something we will probably never sound like again. We can’t ever do two albums that sound the same. We change our songs constantly when we play live. Keeps things fun. Last year, things were getting a little stale.”

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