Foxygen Discuss Next THREE Albums

Foxygen gave an interview to Fuse where they chatting about having a roadmap for not just their next album, but the next three:

“We actually have the next five albums all planned out in our minds,” says Rado. “We can’t reveal them yet probably… but… I mean, we could…” He looks to France: “Wanna?” They do.

They say the next LP, Foxygen… & Star Power, “will be a crazy double,” explains France. “It’s really long with a lot of songs.”

Then the band’s next album, their fifth, is called Hang. “It’s Nilsson-y,” Rado says, referencing Harry Nilsson, the maverick 1960s/’70s songwriter behind singles like “One,” “Without You” and “Everybody’s Talkin’.” “It’s an orchestral album,” France adds of Hang.

The subsequent Foxygen album, their sixth, will be called Nightmare Man, says Rado. “It’s an ’80s album… pretty weird,” says France.  Adds Rado, “It’s a total synth record.”

“This is big,” Rado says of the reveal. “We’re announcing this!”

At the very least, it sounds like they’ve settled pretty strongly on the double-album for their next release.


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