Final Word on SXSW

A couple articles that do a good job of closing the book on the SXSW episode last week. Danny De Maio looks at what the incidents with DIIV and Foxygen mean for SXSW’s hectic schedules:

However, the incident that is making some people think about the standards of the festival was the Foxygen showcase show. After a couple of songs into their set Foxygen abruptly stopped saying that they were exhausted and feeling worn down because of the demanding scheduling that has become the norm at SXSW. After exchanging words with a certain fan regarding their exhaustion the band left the stage only to return minutes later and finish their set. It almost sounds like a spiteful move directed at SXSW to say, “Okay, I feel awful, but you know what I’m going to finish this set.”

In any case, Foxygen then cancelled two of their remaining shows at SXSW (one at Hotel San Jose), citing illness and a blown-out voice. As writer Philip Cosores discussed, maybe SXSW is pushing these bands too hard. When a band has been scheduled to play 6 sets in four days you had better believe it’s going to take a toll on the body, especially when one considers that these bands are giving it their all at SXSW in order to impress labels, blogs, magazines, and other media outlets.

It has yet to be seen whether or not the words and actions by DIIV or Foxygen will change anything about the ever-growing festival, but it’s certainly food for thought in the coming year.

And Josh Gross with Boise Weekly asks the band directly for their thoughts on what happened:

So, when BW caught up with Foxygen members France, Elizabeth Fey and Justin Nijssen in Boise for Treefort, naturally, we asked them: “What happened?”

France: “Band drama. My voice was completely gone. I was getting really frustrated with those shows. I had nothing to give. That guy was heckling me. I was just not into it. I took my anger out on him. I was really just mad at myself.”

Fey: “We were having band drama before the show. It was a conglomeration of a couple things.”

Nijssen: “And I think that was the third show of the day. It could have been any show, but it just happened there.”

Fey: “Which just happened to be our label’s showcase.”

Nijssen: “If you’re going to have a meltdown, do it at your record label’s showcase. ‘Cause they’ll tell you it was great.”


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