Elizabeth Fey unloads on Rado, Foxygen

Some new drama has broken out due to a Tumblr post writen by touring backup singer Elizabeth Fey (who was also featured in the San Francisco video). Suffice to say, she’s not a big fan of Rado:

Before the Of Montreal tour started Sam, Justin, and I went to New York for a few days  to practice for the shows. We had nowhere to stay and Jackie, Rado, and Shaun wouldn’t let us stay in their apartment because Jackie had finals. The first time I met Jackie she barely looked me in the eye and stormed right past me. They had an extra room in their apartment that they wouldn’t let us stay in and I thought it was kinda weird seeing as how they were Sam’s bandmates. Sam logged onto the Foxygen Facebook and posted about how we needed a room and this nice lady named Emmy let us stay in her apartment for the night. She actually left and let us stay there alone. I couldn’t believe that a stranger could be so hospitable and trusting. It seemed like there was a divide in the band even then: Justin, Sam and I ; Rado and Shaun. Rado and Shaun just never wanted to do anything with us it seemed. Shaun occasionally, but Rado never.


When we took band photos in Amsterdam Rado kept trying to put Shaun in front of me and didn’t want me in the pictures. It was obvious on tour that he was miserable because he wasn’t with his girlfriend and she was torturing him about that. She was pissed off that she was “replaced” by me but in my eyes she chose not to go on the tour and go to school.  When I joined the band Sam called Jackie to talk to her to make her feel better about it all. Rado never could even call me or talk to me once after the UMO tour about his problems with me and thought he was just going to ignore me forever. Rado never once opened up to me or even tried to be my friend and didn’t talk to Sam either. IT was strange meeting him and knowing they were supposed to be a “duo” but there was no friendship at all, just contracts that needed to be fulfilled.  Once Sam and I started dating in November, he never once wanted to accept I was Sams girlfriend or ANYTHING. During the whole European tour and Unknown Mortal Orchestra tour Rado never once asked me if I was doing okay, knowing that my best friend had died. He never once reached out to me. He is the kind of person who acts cold and unfriendly around most people until he meets someone “famous” or something and then he totally lights up and acts nice. It’s insane.

Perhaps the most provocative part of her post is the claim that she is going to start a new band with Sam, though in contrast to some of the earlier reporting there’s no suggestion that Foxygen will be breaking up as a result:

He was threatened by Sam and I, saying it was, “The Sam and Lizzie show”. Well we are going to start our own band (not saying it is replacing Foxygen).

The entire post doesn’t paint a pretty scene about the internal working of the band, though as usual with posts like this it’s hard to know who to trust and how much. The band responded first with a Tweet:

And then later through their publicist (via Pitchfork):

Despite this, the band’s publicist confirms that Foxygen is not breaking up, and are currently recording a follow-up to We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic in Bloomington, Ind. They play New York City tonight and have shows scheduled through the fall. Fey is not currently on tour with them.

Time will tell on whether Fey’s post was prescient, or just projection.

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