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Unboxing the “…And Star Power” Cassette

I managed to grab the cassette for “…And Star Power” at yesterday’s Cassette Store Day event, and while I still haven’t been able to find something to play it on, I did want to share some pics of the presentation. I certainly don’t remember tapes looking this cool when I was a kid:

The liner notes are fascinating — in addition to IDing where the guest starts appear, there are lots of interesting tidbits about making the album that are sprinkled throughout. Though I am looking forward to being able to read the notes a bit better when the larger-format releases arrive…

(Mock?) Album Artwork for “Oh No”

Foxygen news has been pretty slow in recent weeks as they gear up for their summer tour dates, so I’d like to share the following album artwork for an “Oh No” vinyl 45 that I ran into on the internets this week (though it looks like it’s been floating around since at least last year).

I assume this was done on spec as there’s no “2” in the song title (or was this a different song and the sequel was on the album?) and I’m not aware of this actually having been released (but if I’m wrong, please tell me in comments!), which is unfortunate as it looks really great. Kudos to SaintKilda who did the design:

Oh No album art

Be sure to check out the full concept art as there are a few different views.