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Another old track from the high school days, this one is called “Spoonerisms” and might actually be a Rado solo affair that is more of a gag than an actual song:

From their description:

Jonathan recorded a fake cd for edwin and eric to make fun of. its called ‘spoonerisms’.

The 8-bit “Twinkle, Twinkle” at the end is a nice way to go out.

(h/t FoxygenForum)

Fuck You, Man

An old, old instrumental track that was apparently on “Songs in the key of K: Jon Kaplan Volume 1”, an early self-recorded EP:

From the original description:

new song, babies. were recording an EP called “SONGS IN THE KEY OF ‘K’…SONG OF KAPLAN”. this ones called “Fuck You, Man”. that album is very folketronic. yes, thats right, we invented a new style of music. maybe it’ll catch on.

(h/t FoxygenForum)